I have had the opportunity to meet Carlos for more than 2 years in the position of Quality Software Engineer in the same project and I can affirm that he is an excellent worker, both professionally and personally.

He is a remarkable team player and strives to finish all his work and help his colleagues to complete all the tasks in the planned time. In addition, he has a desire to improve and is passionate about improving both processes and the use of tools that save time and effort to the team. His effort in automating the public API and UI of our product is remarkable and a professional guarantee that any company would be willing to have. In addition, the vision of the definition of test cases (TDD) that he performs is magnificent, being a great guide to identify all the defects of the product.
Personally, in addition to being a kind person and always open to others, he creates an excellent work atmosphere, which is highly valued by all his co-workers. He is also an open and communicative person, so the necessary direct relationship with the developers and with all the stakeholders associated with the project is excellent.

Given his experience and his ability, I have no doubt that Carlos is a person with a vocation who enjoys his work and is fully prepared to take care of the software quality of any product.