As a QA Engineer in a startup, I worked using Scrum methodology and I was responsible for testing web and mobile apps across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and BlackBerry.

My duties included creating test plans, managing and verifying test cases, running regression testing, reporting bugs, and analyzing defects using tools like Jira and GitHub. I also validated and verified problems, used deployment tools for QA environments, and employed continuous integration tools like Jenkins. In addition, I automated tests using Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Appium, AutoIT, and Postman + Newman for Rest API Automation.

In addition to my role as a QA Engineer, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience by teaching in workshops organized by the startup for graduates. I facilitated sessions on test automation using Selenium and Appium, test case management, and Agile methodologies.

Furthermore, I was able to contribute to the growth of the startup in other areas. I collaborated with the DevOps team in systems and network management, ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s infrastructure. I also took on creative tasks such as audiovisual creation, graphic design, and photographic reports, which allowed me to apply my skills in other areas and bring fresh perspectives to the team.

Overall, my time at the startup was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to develop my technical skills, improve my communication and collaboration abilities, and gain a deeper understanding of the software development process and agile principles.